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BlackBerry Business Cloud Services is in Beta

This past week BlackBerry announced the Beta release for BlackBerry Business Cloud Services (BBCS). The software, designed to pair Office 365 Exchange services with BlackBerry devices, is on track to be released in January 2012. This is very exciting news for our clients who are leading the way by taking advantage of Microsoft Cloud services.

BlackBerry is working hard to make sure that any information traveling through their client’s phones via Office 365 is secure. The RIM team is designing a dedicated SSL connection on their end so all cloud-based services offered by Office 365 can be used securely. These features include:

–          messaging,
–          access controls,
–          physical security at their data centres,
–          backups and,
–          administrative controls meet or exceed IT admin requirements

Basically; BBCS is going provide our clients with enterprise class IT features without the enterprise cost for hardware and ongoing IT support.

Below is a diagram from the RIM BlackBerry Business Cloud Services – Security Technical Overview document

BlackBerry Business Cloud Services

As with any beta release of software, Sea to Sky will not be implementing this into any customer solutions. Once it has been given the official seal of approval we will begin the process of introducing the service to all of our client’s BlackBerry devices.

Stay tuned for more information!

– Sea to Sky Team

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