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BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express – an affordable wireless solution for your business!

Sea to Sky Network Solutions is constantly searching for ways to save our clients money.  We build IT solutions that are simple to use and increase productivity.  That is why, after thorough analysis, we are very excited to fully support the newly released BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express (BES-X) software.  This solution can take advantage of an existing server’s excess capacity – contact Sea to Sky to make sure your company’s server meets the minimum requirements – to enhance the synchronization, security and management of all employee Blackberry devices.  The proceeding information will help the reader identify the benefits of BES-X and take the first step towards implementing the solution if it is found to be advantageous.

Blackberry Enterprise Server Express software is FREE!  This full featured software is designed for small & medium businesses (SMBs) that want to connect employee BlackBerry devices to the company’s mail server.  The premium version of this software, BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES), is designed for large corporations with hundreds of employees who require highly customizable and secure access to company material.  BES-X maintains this high level of security in a simplified form that includes all of the best features for most of our SMB clients.  BES-X includes 75+ customizable features to help control the transmission of company information in the mobile environment.  Some of the most popular features include:

§  Wireless synchronization of email, calendar, contacts, notes and tasks with outlook

§  Management of email folders and email searches on the email server

§  Create and accept meetings and appointments, check availability and forward calendar attachments

§  Set and out of office reply

§  Access files stored on the network

§  Works with BIS and BES data plans from the carrier (i.e. Rogers Wireless)

From Sea to Sky’s point of view, the management interface allows our technicians to spend less time managing your wireless email system which will save your company money.  BES-X will allow Sea to Sky to remotely login to your email server to wipe a lost or stolen device and enforce/reset passwords with seamless integration.  BES-X is a free service that can quickly allow a company to secure sensitive data from a central location on mobile devices connected anywhere in the world.  BES-X allows a company to implement an enterprise solution on an employee’s personal Blackberry with a consumer-level BIS data plan – a BIS data plan is usually less expensive than a BES data plan and alleviates the need to reconfigure the phone with the carrier on a new business plan saving time and money.

Sea to Sky recommends Blackberry solutions because of the integration with existing systems, such as Microsoft Exchange.  Blackberry devices cannot be ‘Jail broken’ or in any other way compromised to the same extent as other smartphones (such as the iPhone 4).  With 75+ customizable IT policies and data encryption using AES 256 bit, BES-X makes managing a mobile workforce easy and secure.  BES-X will work with almost all Blackberry devices on a personal (BIS) or business (BES) data plan.  Time is money and BES-X is Free to licence and easy to implement and manage.  Sea to Sky is very excited to offer BES-X to all of our customers.

With a Sea to Sky BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express (BES-X) solution your company can save significant time and money when connecting a new employee to your BlackBerry mobile network.  The solution provides your SMB with a 24/7/365 BlackBerry management solution that is secure, expandable and provides seamless integration with an existing BES system.  The Sea to Sky team is devoted to client success.  We strive to provide the most efficient and economical solutions through our Research & Development and Business Continuity Practice methodologies.  If you have any questions about Sea to Sky Network Solutions, our BES-X solutions or our Managed Service packages please feel free to contact our sales team at info@seatosky.com, or by phone at 604.628.6970