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Office 365

This week Microsoft announced the 2011 release of ‘Office 365’ – the successor to their BPOS (Business Productivity Online Suite) product, providing hosted Exchange, Sharepoint, and Lync services.

If you’re not familiar with BPOS, it’s Microsoft’s hosted business software offering – you can subscribe to Exchange mail, Sharepoint, LiveMeeting and Office Communicator on a monthly basis at a low per user cost.

One major difference from the existing BPOS product is that 365 will include the option of licensing Microsoft Office Professional as a component of Office 365 – this means users will be able to obtain Office at a low monthly price, rather than paying up to $700 or more upfront for a single license. This really lowers the barriers to entry in getting your company properly licensed on current Office software.

Sea to Sky will be offering Office 365 to our customers as soon as it’s publicly available – and enterprise customers will be able to license it through their existing Microsoft licensing agreements, making it even simpler to manage!

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