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Sea to Sky is a Shaw Partner; what does it mean for your business?

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The Sea to Sky team is on an everlasting mission to provide our clients with the best IT experience possible. For this reason we are excited to announce our partnership with Shaw’s Business Services division. Shaw recently restructured their business offerings to include:

– Business Phone services for small to medium sized businesses
– PRI and SIP Trunk services
– Hosted & Managed PBX
– Cable and Fiber Internet services – Canada’s fastest!
– Data connectivity: Including Layer 2 VPLS, Metro Ethernet, and Private Line
– Business TV and Broadcast Video services

Why Shaw?
Sea to Sky has worked with almost every communications provider in Vancouver. While each provider has their strengths, we find that the majority of our users benefit most from a Shaw solution. The simple fact is most businesses do not require anything more than a reliable connection and a phone system that has worthwhile features, which are easy to use.

Why a Partner?
Sea to Sky Network Solutions is proud to offer our clients one number to call (604.628.6970) when they have an IT question, concern or request. A big part of our service offering is being the voice for any issues related to a vendor’s product or service. Becoming a Shaw partner allows us to streamline support requests related to these services and reduce resolution times even further.  This partnership is going to save time, and time is money.

This announcement is exciting, but we understand each client has unique needs, and a Shaw solution may not be the right fit. That is why we will continue consider all options before making a final recommendation.

If you have questions about our Shaw Business partnership, or would like to learn more about how we can help your business streamline communication services, give us a call at 604.628.6970 or email info@seatosky.com

– Sea to Sky Team

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