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WPC Day in Review – July 9, 2012

WPC Day in Review – July 9, 2012

What a great first day (July 9th) at the Microsoft WPC 2012 Conference! We started off with a very educational and exciting keynote speech presented by top-level executives at Microsoft in the Air Canada Centre, but not before a performance by Cirque Du Soleil, which was amazing! Once the festivities were over the event quickly moved on to business where further details of new product offerings were shared; think cloud productivity and new software (i.e. Windows 8). Once that was over, the Sea to Sky business development team toured the booths at the convention hall where it was clear Microsoft’s new products have been embraced by innovative R&D firms. Microsoft is driven to become an all-inclusive business technology vendor – providing software, hardware (phones and tablets) and services – to help our clients increase productivity, no matter the number of employees they have.

We ended the day with a few seminars to help us better understand the new products that we will be implementing over the next year. We also met with Microsoft Partner companies who are creating complementary products for what we deploy and manage to enhance business productivity with key services like SharePoint and Lync.

Please note that shortly after this week-long event, Sea to Sky will post more comprehensive articles outlining the specifics of Microsoft’s 2012-2013 deployment year; stay tuned!

– Sea to Sky Team

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