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It is not uncommon for a business to move every so often to manage growth or negotiate a better lease, but before a decision is made it is important to consult with an experienced IT service & support company who can help mitigate unexpected sunk capital infrastructure costs. Depending on the size of the business, and the type of work required, these surprise costs can exceed ten-thousand dollars. It is not uncommon for the Sea to Sky team to receive a call from a new client who requires an emergency quote for network cabling or general relocation consulting and liaison support. For that reason, we created this document. Here are some tips to help avoid this situation during your business’s relocation.

Sea to Sky Network Solutions suggests a 2-3 month window to plan an office move. This will afford enough time to methodically review the options available to the business and find a new office space that meets all needs and budget. Each client requires different levels of support; therefore, we will cover the most common consideration, including cabling, internet connectivity, and business continuity.

Note: This list is not exhaustive. A Sea to Sky Network Solutions technical support representative should be consulted before information found in this article is acted upon.


It is important to remember that each device in the office is connected via a physical wire. The technology in those wires has changed over the years and, older cabling can affect the performance of the network. If not addressed ahead of time, the computers may be unable to function properly causing days, or possibly weeks, of additional disruption. Furthermore, cabling standards, as they pertain to fire code, are different in each city/municipality. I am specifically referring to the requirement for plenum cable, which consists of a special coating to minimize smoke in the event of a fire. Installing this product comes at an additional cost that some installers may try to avoid. Any responsible company understands that plenum cabling should be installed in every new office space as a safety measure. However, plenum cabling may be optional in your specific area, depending on building code.

Internet Connectivity

The IT support team at Sea to Sky has dealt with almost every internet service provider (ISP) available in Canada. Our recommendation, when choosing an ISP, is based on several factors unique to the client. This is partly due to the fact that not all providers are readily available in every building; therefore, it is important to consult with our team to find out what ISP makes the most sense for the business. If there is a specific reason to go with one provider over the other, the ISP may charge thousands of dollars to install a line in the building. It takes one phone call to verify this information and avoid costly upgrades. Unfortunately this step is often over looked. We have seen quotes from some providers in the range of $5000 to $10000. This is one expense a business manager does not want to discover a week after a lease is singed. Vendor liaison services are a part of the Sea to Sky office move offering.

Business Continuity

Information technology is usually last to leave the old space and first to enter the new office because staff and clients are always connected to a server. Business continuity ties in strongly with cabling and internet connectivity (above) as well as power, furniture, telephones and security. When moving into a new location it is important to have this core infrastructure already in place. After all, it is hard to plug in a server when network cabling is not completed. The objective is to minimize communication disruptions for the end users. To achieve the required continuity, a business should expect to double-up on some services (internet especially) for a month or so to guarantee coverage and a seamless switchover.

An office move is a time sensitive event that can test the resolve of the person in charge. The key to success is to plan the work and then work the plan. Bring in professional IT consultants to help manage the mission critical components of the business. Consider everything that may be related to technology, all the way down to where the desks are located. An office move is also a good time to future proof the office by installing network cabling, instead of traditional phone lines, to prepare for a new digital phone system. Make sure to call Sea to Sky Network Solutions at least 2-3 months ahead of an office move. We can help guide you through the daunting task of moving your business. Finally, Sea to Sky prefers to work with specific moving companies who specialize in a high level of service and proper handling of mission critical network equipment. Call or email one of our IT support team members for more information.

– Sea to Sky Team

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