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The advent of IT cloud computing and the need for anywhere access to the internet has made it necessary to have business networks constantly connected to the outside world. Unfortunately, this can provide hackers with easy access to internal documents and other data on the network if it is not properly secured with a professional grade firewall device. If a consumer grade router is used to protect sensitive data the risk of attack is greatly increased and could cause irreparable damage to your company. As our regular readers know, a Backup Disaster & Recovery (BDR) device can help mitigate the damage, but stolen data is another story.

What steps do I need to take to protect my data?

One of Sea to Sky’s IT services and supports core functions is to provide the highest level of security to our clients. To achieve this goal we work with business hardware providers, such as Juniper Networks and SonicWALL, to minimize the ability of hackers to gain access to your network. These devices also provide advanced features, including VPN branch office connectivity, secure remote access and better local access control policies.

Purchasing the IT hardware is only half the battle in securing your network from threats; proper configuration of the device is also very important. Sea to Sky’s IT services and support team will work with your company to create a custom firewall profile that gives each user the access he or she needs. This means that a firewall device can protect your business from both internal and external threats, further reducing the risk of a malicious attack.

If you would like more information about upgrading your consumer grade router to a proper business grade firewall give the Sea to Sky team a call at 604.628.6970 or email us at info@seatosky.com.

– Sea to Sky Team

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