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A business owner, corporate controller, or CxO is constantly looking to maximize, and maintain, an optimum level of productivity in their business. The problem is that the equilibrium for results versus cost is a moving target. Bearing this in mind, leaders of modern organizations have embraced new methods of delivering vital services to their staff and clients. IT outsourcing represent a prime example of this and offers most small and medium businesses with the economies of scale they need to meet budgetary requirements without sacrificing service delivery. So how are organizations taking advantage of business IT outsourcing and improving the level of service they receive?

computer-support-it-services-sea-to-skyA local business IT support provider, such as Sea to Sky Network Solutions in Vancouver, British Columbia, allows an organization to shift its staff’s focus back to their actual job; building value for the organization. Outsourcing IT support can drastically reduce turnaround time for problem resolutions and streamline the process of hardware, software and service procurement when compared to having an existing staff member manage it. Outsourced IT providers conduct more business with vendors, such as Dell and Microsoft, and; therefore, have better relationships in place to acquire the right products and services. Additionally, because IT support providers hire dedicated network technicians, clients are instantly introduced to a wealth of new IT knowledge. This knowledge allows the organization to modernize its systems for today’s world, while planning for tomorrow’s technology.

A responsible business IT support provider will invest a portion of its resources into research and development. The result of this continual study results in enterprise solutions designed specifically for small to medium organizations, who would otherwise be unable to justify the costs. Examples of these managed service plans include 24/7 monitoring software, enterprise class antivirus software, share storage (including server) solutions, and productivity tools. All of these products and services come with enterprise support and warranty contracts to reduce problem resolution cycles; this suggests that there will be less downtime for the client creating a competitive edge in day to day business transactions.

The term ‘outsourcing’ is commonly associated with sending support services offshore, but this is not the case now-a-days. Outsourced IT providers like Sea to Sky Network Solutions are strategically located in major cities, such as Vancouver to provide timely support to organizations of any size. While most support services can be executed remotely, the localization of IT support allows the firm to provide scheduled onsite maintenance as and where required.

Outsourcing IT Support; Things to ConsiderFrom a financial point of view, the value is in the numbers. Outsourced IT support can provide unlimited desktop support agreements for a scalable fee, commonly based on the number of workstations or the number of users the client employs. This represents an instant benefit when compared to the high fixed costs associated with hiring an in-house IT staff person; think of wages, benefits, sick time, vacation time, training and time limitations. Additionally, as a company grows, a marginal increase in need may require another large investment in the form of a second or third in house IT support person. With outsourced IT support, the cost of an IT deployment for a new staff member can more easily be calculated because the cost is directly tied to that specific user rather than the cost of staffing the other IT employee. This cost increase is a much more marginal amount, helping to keep finances in check.

Sea to Sky Network Solutions provides a complete solution for business leaders who want to find new efficiencies in IT services. Outsourced business IT support can be offered in many forms, from a complete solution to a partial support consulting agreement designed to complement an existing in house IT person. Over the past decade, Sea to Sky Network Solutions has found that there is a growing need to help clients reduce IT costs without sacrificing the quality of service required to remain competitive in their industry.

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– Sea to Sky Team

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