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Sea to Sky Network Solutions understands that a small to medium business owner requires advanced technology solutions to remain competitive.  Today, digitization has dramatically transformed many industries, including video surveillance.  The digital age has ushered in advancements in storage, security, video quality, connectivity, remote access and software integration.  In essence, digitization has made video surveillance easier to use and more affordable for any business to implement.  Sea to Sky has customizable security solutions to provide our customers with user friendly operation.

Sea to Sky recommends this system because it has been designed to use a company’s existing business network to reduce installation costs.  The proceeding list outlines the advantages of our solution:

DIGITAL ADVANGTAGE #ONE: A Network Video Recorder (NVR) is a standalone appliance that is independent of a PC.  This simple fact means that the unit cannot be bogged down with operating system updates and restart randomly, cannot be infected with a virus or malware and does not use more power than necessary.  Because it is a standalone device it does not need as much space as a computer and it has built in RAID backup capability to further insure data is not lost if a hard drive stops working.

DIGITAL ADVANTAGE #TWO: Connectivity options include Power over Ethernet (PoE) and secure wireless connections.  PoE is a technology that uses the existing network CAT5e cable to send power and digital information to the camera.  This technology requires a PoE enabled switch and will work to a distance of up to 100 meters.  PoE technology allows cameras to be place in locations without a power source.

DIGITAL ADVANTAVE #THREE: Camera image quality has also been drastically improved with the advent of digitization.  Cameras can be purchased with HD quality sensors that improve recognition of faces and objects.  Also, two way communication will allow a user to control the Pan/Tilt/Zoom functions of a compatible camera.

DIGITAL ADVANTAGE #FOUR: A NVR has built in software that can be upgraded as technology improves.  The NVR is a standalone device; therefore, it incorporates software into its price.  This software boasts a myriad of features to help customize recording schedules, viewing live video, adjusting camera settings, controlling Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) cameras from the most popular vendors.  The software also incorporates a feature called ‘smart search’.  This feature simplifies the process of event investigation through the use of built in motion detection.

Our solution provides your SMB with a 24/7 security solution that is easily managed, expandable and incorporates automated recording features.  Cameras have much higher resolutions and can incorporate two way communication for PTZ functionality.  The Sea to Sky team is devoted to client success.  We strive to provide the most efficient and economical solutions through our Research & Development and Business Continuity Practice methodologies.  If you have any questions about Sea to Sky Network Solutions, our surveillance packages or our managed service plans please feel free to contact us @ info@seatosky.com, or by phone at 604.628.6970

– Sea to Sky Team

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