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Computer Backups Protect The Important Things

Backup & Recovery – Don’t lose the important things

There really isn’t anything more essential to your business than keeping full backups of your data. Whether you need to set up a backup solution or organize an expansion to something more suited to your business, we can make that happen.

We are partners with some of the best options in the industry and can find a solution for you, from simple daily backups to full, multi-site network backups, delivered hourly.

Server failure or losing data can be a nightmare for a business.

Using our Backup service you won’t lose sleep worrying about your business loosing important files. Our service combines the benefits of data backup and IT disaster recovery – should your primary server ever fail, you can be backed up within a few hours, not days.

What makes Sea to Sky a better choice over other backup solutions?

We do data integrity check every week and a complete test virtualization every 30 days to ensure the highest level of data security.

Completely automated backup features:

  • Onsite and offsite remote data backups
  • Onsite backups every 1 hour
  • Offsite backups every 24 hours
  • Protection of valuable business data at local data centers
  • Server recovery (via virtual mode) in less than 2 hours post-primary server failure


We have every option covered, from a simple daily backup solution to a large, multi-location, or multi-server platform solutions. Our “hands-off” approach means you can just set it and leave it, so you never lose anything.


Secure Partners.

Our partners include world class back-up providers such as Symantec to make sure your data is protected, safe and accessible when you need it. In an industry where reliability is a necessity, not an option, we rely on the best in the business.

Other IT Network Services Offered

Project Management

We manage the details of your daily IT projects to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.

New Equipment

We install the hard-and-software for your new equipment, as well as consult with you on what you might need, and what the best available value is.


Our internet service partner options are local, fast and reliable. Let us get you online today.


We’ll provide you with cutting edge antivirus systems to stay ahead of the curve, and assist with any spyware or bug issues that may arise.


Our technicians are experts when it comes to comprehensive custom hosting solutions.

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