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Do you really know the current state of your IT infrastructure?

Are you missing out on potentially valuable products or services that could save you time and money?


Let Sea to Sky Network Solutions assess the current state of your network,


And determine a shortlist of immediate problems and concerns. In addition, we’ll work with you to build a long term plan for your IT systems – we call this our ‘Tech Forecast’. This forecast helps us to work together to plan a successful, economical route to keep your technology current, and your business running smoothly.

We use a simple application which lets us monitor your network over the course of a few days or a week, collecting data which we can use to make accurate, timely recommendations for changes or upgrades to your systems.


Determine age and performance of current server, workstations and network infrastructure. Review warranty status of business critical hardware.


Review current backup procedures, including testing for reliability and scalability, and monitoring frequency. Assess customer needs and develop firm backup strategy.


Audit current software environment and ensure needs are being met with the latest business productivity applications. Determine most cost effective options for any required software license acquisition.



Ensure current practices meet industry security requirements – test file sharing, remote access, network vulnerability, etc, and recommend changes where appropriate.

Other Managed Services Offered


We manage the equipment purchasing cycle, to ensure you get the right equipment for the right price, eliminating vendor hassles.


We’ll install the software, configure the hardware, set up the firewalls, and ensure that everything is running smoothly.

Future Proof

We build network solutions that last, ensuring that everything you get is optimized for the present, and for whatever future developments may bring.


We’ll ensure the equipment runs properly, with a friendly, supportive team that will help you better understand your infrastructure.


At Sea to Sky, we do what we can by following industry best practices for configuring, managing, and disposing of computer equipment.

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