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Future Proof


One of the foremost concerns we hear from our clients is a fear of the future. Whether it’s unplanned obsolescence of hardware, a preventable failure of a critical network component, or an entire network which isn’t scalable for the 5 employees they add in the coming year – no one wants to be stuck with a system that just doesn’t ‘fit’.

With every new installation, Sea to Sky not only completes thorough documentation of your system, but can provide on-site training to your staff. In addition, we’ll generate a comprehensive plan to keep your business – and your budget – on track for the foreseeable future.




You’ve invested a lot of money in technology – we can ensure that you maximize the return on your investment by explaining any new equipment or features (or old ones you might not know about!) so that your staff can utilize the hardware to its fullest capacity.


Proper documentation is critical to any network – to ensure that future modifications, replacements, or removals of equipment don’t affect the overall performance of your systems. We generate this documentation for all of our clients, and keep a copy in our database, so that we can refer to it on an ongoing basis, as well as keep it up to date.


In addition to ensuring that you’re up and running right now, Sea to Sky will work with your team to develop a technology plan for the future. We call this our Tech Forecast, and it details the long range maintenance and acquisition plans for your technology infrastructure.

Disaster Recovery Plan

Part of this plan includes implementing a disaster recovery plan, to ensure that if a worst case scenario occurs, you’ll be back up and running with minimal downtime. This means a solution which ranges from a daily or weekly file backup, to offsite storage, redundant servers, and whatever else might be critical to your business process.

Other Managed Services Offered


We’ll examine your current network structure, and develop a long-term, collaborative plan of action for your specific needs.


We manage the equipment purchasing cycle, to ensure you get the right equipment for the right price, eliminating vendor hassles.


We’ll install the software, configure the hardware, set up the firewalls, and ensure that everything is running smoothly.


We’ll ensure the equipment runs properly, with a friendly, supportive team that will help you better understand your infrastructure.


At Sea to Sky, we do what we can by following industry best practices for configuring, managing, and disposing of computer equipment.

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