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Sea to Sky Network Solutions provides small businesses in Vancouver with a competitive advantage in computer network products and services.  Our goal is to create greater levels of efficiency in our client’s businesses by providing a team of educated technicians located in downtown Vancouver.  We deliver our services in three ways.  These include a time and materials offering, contract or special project work and a newer product called a managed service plan.

The managed service plan has taken the IT industry by storm because it provides businesses with a fixed monthly price for unlimited access to support technicians.  The monthly price is based on the number of servers and the number of workstations a business has connected to their network.

Unlimited support is a great benefit, but it is not the reason we offer managed service plans to our customers.  A managed service plan is a promise by Sea to Sky to provide proactive maintenance for our client’s network.  We inspect a client’s system configuration on a regular basis to make sure it is running in peak condition.  We also have a monitoring center that directly links the client’s network to our technicians.  The secure connection facilitates live reporting on the health of the client’s hardware and software.  The monitoring service allows our technicians to identify a potential problem before it becomes critical.  For example, we can detect a failing hard drive and proactively replace it before it expires.  A Sea to Sky managed service plan will reduce the frequency of network interruptions and increase a company’s productivity.

Before managed service plans were available a company would only be able to receive this level of proactive support by hiring a fulltime IT technician.  Sea to Sky knows that hiring a technician is very expensive when wage, vacation time, sick days and benefits are considered.  That is why a business with less than 75 employees should consider a Sea to Sky managed service plan.  Clients will have access to a full team of technicians for one fixed monthly price.  Companies on a managed service plan appreciate the flexibility to add or remove devices on a monthly basis.  Most importantly, we believe in this plan so much that we do not charge a signup fee or a fixed term contract for most implementations.

Managed service plans require a minimum monthly fee and are not suitable for all of our clients.  Managed service plans do not include new hardware purchases.  To smaller business clients we offer a time and materials rate.  Please contact the Sea to Sky sales team for more details.

With a Sea to Sky managed service plan your company can save a significant amount of time and money when compared to hiring an in-house technician.  The Sea to Sky team is devoted to client success.  We strive to provide the most efficient and economical solutions through our Research & Development and Business Continuity Practice methodologies.  If you have any questions about Sea to Sky Network Solutions or our managed service plan please feel free to contact our sales team at info@seatosky.com, or by phone at 604.628.6970

– Sea to Sky Team

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