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Office 365 is a collection of applications and services designed to help increase the efficiency of a business and its processes. What makes Office 365 so valuable is that it allows users to access all the features embedded within the platform anywhere, anytime, and on any device. For business owners deciding whether to incorporate Office 365 into their business processes, they most likely want to know exactly how the Microsoft platform can enhance their business, so here’s how:

Mobility – The most convenient feature of Office 365 is its mobility. Thanks to the cloud, users have the ability to access vital data on any device, at any time. This means that people aren’t bogged down by a lack of current access to a particular device.

Collaboration – Office 365 is an amazing collaborative tool, as it has the ability to sync company calendars, contacts, and emails. Once new information such as a contact or email address is added on one device, that information’s automatically updated on all other devices. This applies to projects as well. If you’re working on something on your phone and you have to put it down, you can immediately pick up where you left off on your laptop or tablet; and as a bonus, if you’re working on an assignment with multiple people, you can all work together simultaneously from different devices to seamlessly contribute to an assignment.

Security – All data within Office 365 is encrypted and stored within Microsoft servers, which are designed to continuously monitor potential threats and keep information safe. Administrators within an organization have complete control of the data and can distribute access of said data as they see fit. If a device containing company information is lost or stolen, administrators can wipe all the data remotely, while a user still has access to it on other devices.

Productivity – Productivity is the key to the longevity and growth of a business. It is the job of a business owner to supply all the employees with the tools needed to perform at their highest level, and with the inclusive of Office 365, increase productivity is a natural component. The features embedded within Office 365 are designed to organize all of your data and store it in an easy to find locations.

Communication – Communication is the key to success in all facets of life. Office 365 has an array of tools specifically designed to ensure that everyone who needs to be in the know is in the know, at every stage in a process.

Another benefit of Office 365 is Outlook (Office 365 email). For business owners who traditionally work with a basic email, think of Outlook is a super-powered upgrade. Outlook includes email management, notebook, address book, web browser, a calendar, and other Office 365 programs (i.e., Word and Excel), that all work in unison to boost productivity. For those considering switching over to Outlook, the process is easy and you won’t lose any of your data during the transfer. You can simply import your contact list and anything else you want to bring along, all at the click of a button. Office 365 is a platform specifically designed to help increase the efficiency of your business operations. Once you make the switchover to Office 365, you nor your employees will ever be put in a position where you can’t send out important documentation such as an email when you need to. Microsoft created a platform that strips the hassle out of being productive, so you can focus on what really matters; performing at the highest level possible. Sea to Sky Network Solutions is an IT solution provider that works to help grow businesses with on-site and remote IT services. Sea to Sky Network Solutions consists of a team of experts who specialize in incorporating helpful tools like Office 365 into your business to help increase efficiency. To schedule a consultation to learn how to implement Office 365 into your business, contact us here today.

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