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Rethink the way your company accesses email, shares documents and communicates online. Microsoft BPOS services, commonly called cloud services, can increase productivity and reduce costs for some SMBs when compared to managing an on-site IT infrastructure. BPOS can help eliminate problems related to the distribution and use of old documentation, the management of unsynchronized POP email accounts and allow staff to communicate with each other from anywhere they have an internet connection. Sea to Sky Network Solutions has already begun migrating some of our clients to BPOS with great success. As a Microsoft partner of choice, Sea to Sky is able to implement Microsoft solutions onsite for customers in Vancouver, British Columbia and the surrounding area. In fact, we are able to implement BPOS in any business with an internet connection because Microsoft has made the migration process technician-friendly.

Business Productivity Online Services (BPOS) Suite is a bundle of four hosted services from Microsoft designed to provide SMBs with the tools they need to maximize time, and employee, efficiency. The suite includes Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Office Live Meeting and Office Communications Online. Below I have provided a quick explanation of each product. For more detailed information I suggest a visit to Microsoft Canada’s Online Services website:

Microsoft BPOS Canada

  • Exchange Online: Provides each user with 25 GB of mailbox storage that automatically synchronizes message status (including read/reply/forward etc.) between all activated computers, mobile devices and web clients.
  • SharePoint Online: Provides an online space that integrates with Outlook and the IM client for document collaboration and management so everyone has the latest version of a document in a secure and central location.
  • Office Live Meeting: Real-time collaboration with video, audio and text capabilities to bring people together for meetings, training and events.
  • Office Communications Online: Secure integration with the BPOS suite of products that instantly connects your team online for better communication and faster response.

So long as your team is connected to the internet, they will be able to work more effectively no matter where they are in the world. The user-friendly console is designed to work with, and look like, Microsoft Office Products which reduces the learning curve after implementation. Also, deploying a change, such as adding or removing users, is much quicker and can be done via the online management portal by your IT support provider. If you are a customer of Sea to Sky we can provide ongoing support for your business network. We offer managed monthly service plans as well as hourly support. Most of the time, we can manage your network remotely to save your company money.

BPOS services are charged on a subscription basis. This means that you only pay for the number of users you have; the product is completely scalable. Furthermore, a business that implements BPOS will free up local hardware resources and technician time so they can be utilized for other internal requirements.

Microsoft is currently offering a rebate to help pay for the installation of BPOS for your business. You may be eligible for up to $3000 in Microsoft money; please contact Sea to Sky sales for more information!

Sea to Sky Network Solutions is very proud to be a preferred partner with Microsoft in Vancouver, BC. Our team of trained technicians will be happy to help you find out if a BPOS solution is right for your business. With Microsoft BPOS we believe we can provide our clients gain a competitive advantage in online communication services and increase productivity.

– Sea to Sky Team

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