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Office 365 is the reigning choice for SMEs and large companies all over the world and it is easy to see why. With a full business suite comprised of integral software to help companies retain a digital edge, it ensures that businesses run smoothly. As an IT solution, it is a safe bet in terms of security plus ease of use, which is especially good for companies looking for newer and sleeker options for their business.

Combined with seamless integration options, businesses can be up and running with Office 365 quickly without losing momentum.

There are many reasons why Office 365 is so popular, here are just a few:

1) Solutions across devices

Your business needs to be agile to keep up with its growth and Office 365 offers all that and more. It offers all of its apps across devices including desktop, mobile, and tablet with the same functionalities across the board. Rather than being chained to a desk, employees can be collaborative and mobile — this gives them the autonomy to use whatever devices they feel are best without being restricted.
Having Office 365 across devices also ensures that there is always a way for employees to access information securely without risking data security measures. And as more employees chose flexible working options such as working from home, having secure access to information becomes increasingly important.

2) Custom domains and emails

For many businesses, configuring emails and domains can be difficult. There is a lot to navigate in terms of setting up the right infrastructure for your brand while also providing a professional feel. Office 365 offers cloud-based email (so no storage issues) as well as company domain names.
Custom domains and emails through Office 365 allow you to get your business up-and-running fast and establish your digital presence right off the bat. This is especially important in terms of official communication with other businesses, marketing, as well as outreach. A digital presence is becoming increasingly important and custom domain names allow for immediate name recognition while being considered a trustworthy source – which goes a long way now.

3) A plethora of collaboration tools

Agile offices are all about collaboration and innovating together — but do employees have the right tools to really accomplish this? As flexible working and remote work become more common, it is important to have tools in place to allow employees to work with the freedom they need while still being able to work as a team.

Office 365 offers a lot of tools to help companies chat with each other, host online meetings as well as collaborate on documents. Whether the team is spread apart across different offices, or just want to work around their own schedules, Office 365 is able to offer solutions to match these needs, such as Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams.

4) Data security measures

Most importantly, Office 365 offers a great deal of data protection options to ensure your valuable information is kept safe. Whether employees access information via PCs, phones, or tablets, Office 365 keeps data secure across these different devices.

If you decide to work with a trusted IT partner such as Sea to Sky Network Solutions for Office 365 implementation, we can ensure that it does not interfere with any other data security measures you have in place. Combined with 1TB+ cloud storage options, there are many processes in places to keep your data safe without hampering employee productivity and collaboration.

In order to get the best return on investment when it comes to Office 365 for your business, it is crucial to work with a knowledgeable IT service provider. This ensures that implementation will be done quickly, with users up and running in no time. Sea to Sky has a wealth of experience when it comes to Office 365 and its seamless integration. We can help your business create the right IT infrastructure for your unique needs. Contact us today.

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