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Fighting with a non-functioning computer is one of the most frustrating things to deal with. A frozen screen or inconsistent internet connectivity are just some examples of typical problems every user has experience at one point or another. Thankfully, this rarely happens to a client managed by Sea to Sky Network Solutions because we take a different approach to IT; an approach that proactive and considers what is necessary for today and tomorrow.

To minimize downtime, Sea to Sky employs a holistic IT services and support solution that utilizes proven technology with innovative methods of deployment to save time and money. Sea to Sky’s approach considers hardware, software, and warranty. Additionally, our team of knowledgeable technicians setup and manage complex networks on a daily basis, which provides our clients with a competitive advantage against their own competitors. Our clients choose Sea to Sky because they believe our service delivery method is the best in the industry. Here is a quick summary of how we achieve this:

Hardware: Wherever possible, we suggest the procurement of network equipment at one time. Moving forward, this helps guarantee that all hardware is compatible. It also means that managing upgrades is much quicker and less likely to fail. We also understand that purchasing technology this way can be expensive; that is why the hardware is designed to be leased. The vendors who we work with provide favourable lease terms when they know a certified partner, like Sea to Sky, is providing support.

Additionally, standardizing on hardware will extend the life of a computer’s accessories. For instance, Dell’s Latitude series of laptops all have a provision for a docking station. This docking station port is universal to the line and it means that a user can upgrade their hardware to a new Dell Latitude laptop and use their existing docking station, saving the firm over $200 per user. Turnover in technology occurs on a fast, and perpetual, basis. Thinking ahead on what to purchase will reduce costs and greatly aid in resolving issues.

Sea to Sky works with our software partners to help make purchasing software licenses less stressful. Every year, staff at Sea to Sky attend training seminars for the direct benefit of our clients. The result of our education is advice our clients can use to reduce software costs. Licensing models are constantly changing, but they all have one thing in common; they are designed to provide flexibility and overall cost savings to a business with multiple users.

Managed license agreements allow a business to minimize licensing costs and make recording keeping of who has what license easier. These agreements can include no-cost upgrades to a newer version of the software, free online training services and even provide the user with free additional licenses for use on a second, third, fourth or even fifth personal machine, depending on the agreement. Each vendor offers different license contracts, that is why it is nice to have an IT support partner to help navigate these confusing plans.

The key takeaway here is to build a software plan that keeps everyone on the same version of any given piece of software, preferably the latest version. With the onset of cloud computing, a lot of older software will simply not function properly, causing more headaches than it is worth.

Warranty Support:
It is a fact of life; hardware and software will eventually require support from the vendor. That is why it is important to have a business warranty, or support, agreement in place. These business agreements help the IT manager, or IT support provider, resolve issues in a timely manner. These agreements are usually purchased at the time of sale.

With the agreement, the IT support provider can contact the vendor’s special support department for help when, and where, needed. This special warranty branch allows the technician to resolve high-level issues quickly, getting clients key network systems back up and running much sooner than basic support plans can offer. Any responsible support provider will require a business support agreement for every piece of critical hardware or software. If they do not, your organization should reconsider trusting them to provide professional support when a major issue occurs.

If this article has sparked your interest, or concern, please call a team member at Sea to Sky to discuss your specific situation. Our goal is to make sure our each of our client’s networks is secure, safe, backed up and accessible. To achieve this, we consider every aspect of the network, from hardware to software and warranty support. Sea to Sky Network Solutions understands that time is money and excessive downtime can have a drastic financial impact on a business. It is important to build and maintain a healthy network. Call us at 604.628.6970 for IT support or to setup an audit of your network.

A Special Note: Keep an eye on our blog over the next few months for more articles discussing how to properly setup and manage your network.

– Sea to Sky Team

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