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The benefits of a Solid State Drive (SSD) can be experience from the moment a user boots their workstation for the first time. The speed enhancement translates into a substantially reduced time to; start up the machine, open programs, and transfer data. However, there is a downside to these storage mediums; data recovery after a drive failure. SSD technology is getting better with every model year, but they still fail. If a SSD fails, recovering data is much harder, if not impossible, when compared to the physical spinning disk found in a traditional hard drive. Choosing to adopt SSD storage devices is a good idea for productivity, so long as the following precautions are taken.

SSDs should be utilized in a network environment where the user’s machine acts as a vessel to a central server, be it cloud based or onsite. When using a SSD in server-based environment, the business can further guarantee that data is properly protected while realizing the benefits of faster computing. Internal policies must be put in place to ensure data is being stored to the server and not on the user’s workstation. Note that a server should not use SSD drives. The important thing to remember is that SSDs should only be used in a network environment where the user’s machine connects to a different storage solution that is properly backed up.

Finally, SSDs should be purchased with the machine to maintain appropriate business warranty standards. Aftermarket SSD’s may prove to be more trouble than they are worth as their warranties are not as responsive or available as a business vendor with Next Business Day onsite support, such as Dell’s ProSupport business warranty service. Consult with one of our Vancouver-based IT support team members for more infomration.

Sea to Sky Network Solutions believes that SSDs have reached a point in their development that permits them to be used in a business IT environment. We fully support the technology, so long as minimum standards are met. My own laptop, a Dell E6220 – a perfect laptop for day to day computing – includes an SSD. I can attest to the benefits it has brought to my work. The biggest improvement I have noticed is a boot time of less than 20 seconds! If you have further questions about SSDs, network file storage or business IT in general, please give Sea to Sky Network Solutions a call; we’re happy to help.

Sea to Sky Network Solutions is a Business IT support provider located in downtown Vancouver. We can be reached by phone at 604.628.6970 or by email at info@seatosky.com.

– Sea to Sky Team

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